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Keyword Advantage : Review and Bonuses

Hey Everyone! Welcome to my site where I will be reviewing Mark Thompson's latest product Keyword Advantage. It is launching on 10 July 2014. Grab your copy today at special rate of $37. 

Keyword Advantage Quick Overview

Launch Date : 10 July 2014

Niche : Software

Creator : Mark Thompson

Special One Time Offers : Click Here to see Limited Time Offers

Official Website : Click Here

Bonus Page :  $1500+ Bonuses

Price : $37

Rating : 5 out of 5 (Very easy to use, great for beginners and intermediate marketers, Must Have SEO Tool)

What are Golden Keywords?

Keyword Advantage as the name suggests gives you massive advantage over your competitors once you start using it. If you are looking for earning income through Affiliate Marketing you must be aware of the importance of choosing the right niche and right keywords. Keywords are the foundation for your website, you need to do proper research and choose low competition, high search volume keywords to gain organic search traffic.

But nowadays most of niches are saturated. You must have heard of Evergreen Niches - Health, Wealth, Relationships. Well the competition in these is huge, and for beginners it is never a good idea to start targeting these high competition keywords. On the other hand, if you choose low volume niches then you won't get sufficient traffic. 

So what is the solution? How can a beginner Internet Marketer get lots of traffic, and earn that elusive passive income? Here you go.

Golden Keywords - Low Competition, High Search Volume, Buyer Keywords 

For example if you want to start a niche website for High End Plasma TVs then Non Buyer Keyword would be How Plasma TVs Work which basically provides information. But what you should be targeting is Keywords like Best Plasma TV, Top Plasma TV, Top Plasma TV 2014, Top Plasma TV under $5000.

Get the difference. You get these Gold Nuggets and you are already ahead of your competitors. And Keyword Advantage helps you find these Golden Keywords. Let us get into specifics now you have some background about the product.

How Keyword Advantage Finds these Golden Keywords?

Keyword Advantage Review
Keyword Advantage is a product which is created by Mark Thompson and Adam Short. Let me give a very small brief about these guys. Mark is CEO of Digital Kickstart, a digital publishing company which has helped over 40K+ marketers to build their online businesses. Adam is CEO and runs Niche Profit Classroom which is an excellent source for Internet Marketers who want to learn making money online using SEO. It is one of the best sources for learning about SEO and recently revamped, you should surely check it out.

Okay so the reason I gave background of these two guys is because I only buy products online if they are created or supported by reputed marketers. The world of IM is so vast and there are endless products, softwares, so instead of getting scammed and buying 100s of products, I prefer to research into background of the product owners and then buy the product.

So back to the real stuff. Keyword Advantage searches for 3 things to find these Golden Keywords -

  1. High Keyword Demand - If the keyword has high demand, means more searches means if you target it, you gets lots of traffic, and make lots of money. Simple!
  2. Low Keyword Competition - If the keyword has high demand, means there will be lots of competition. But we want to have it easy, so Keyword Advantage finds out Low KC keywords for you. You choose these and get Top 10 ranks. Awesome!
  3. High Keyword Buyer Propensity - As i explained before don't choose information providing keywords. Let Keyword Advantage select some nice, juicy high buyer keywords for you.
It looks at all the three different angles and presents you with Golden Nuggets that you can pick and race to the Top of the Search Rankings.

Fact : So far this tool has helped over 10,000+ top 10 Google rankings which means millions of users directed to your websites. Just imagine if you even get 10% of these results, we are talking big money here.

Keyword Advantage Matrix - Money Ward Matrix

Once our tool, studies the above three angles it gives you the results in easy to understand, easy to implement manner. The results are in the forum of color coding, by looking at which you can know which keywords to choose and which to reject.

So ideally first when you start making your website, pick the dark green and light green keywords to start with. Then once these are exhausted, pick and choose from Dark Yellow and light yellow. And skip the Red Ones totally!

Also you should have 20-25 of such keywords, in case you have 5-10 only and remaining are Red, Light Yellow then it is advisable to choose another niche. 

So suppose you have above results, you can easily choose keywords - Ways of promoting a product, Super Affiliate Handbook, Performance Marketing Definition based on the color schemes only. Hope you are able to see the power of this tool. Very simple and very useful.

Keyword Advantage User Interface Explained

So apart from the color coding there are some other key metrics which the tool provides which I wish to explain in brief.
  1. KW (Keyword) - Basically the keyword list that the tool provides.
  2. SV (Search Volume) - This gives you an idea of actual search volume for that term in Google.
  3. APR (Average Page Rank) - Very useful, it tells you the Page Ranks for current Top 10 pages for that keyword. So if you see average above 3+ it is advisable to choose another keyword.
  4. FR (Final rating) - This is the final rating which is combination of all metrics and is shown as color - Red, Yellow, Green.
  5. CPC (Cost per click) - Higher CPC means buyer intent for keyword is high.
  6. TRT (Total Ranking Traffic) - This gives an idea of estimated traffic when your site ranks No. 1 on Google.
Please have a look at the video explaining in detail the features and how to use Keyword Advantage.

Final Verdict on Keyword Advantage

As you saw from my detailed review, the tool is simple to use, provides great information in a visually appealing format and makes our lives so much easier. 

Frankly no product comes close in terms of ease and simplicity. Just plug seed keywords, get hundreds of related keyword list color coded and ready to use, all in a matter of minutes. 

I am listing all the features so that you can get an idea of how awesome the tool is -
  • Pulls keywords directly for Google Planner - No manual intervention needed
  • You can search 100s of keywords at one time
  • Gives you exact score for Keyword Competition, Traffic, Buyer Intent
  • Uses revolutionary Money Word Matrix and provides color coded data for faster action
  • You can save keyword lists into projects for later use
  • Identifies niche markets where you can earn 4/5 figure income
  • You can export data to excel for reporting purpose
  • Additional features upgrade and continuous product support 24X7

The product is launching on July 10 2014 and you can get the product at discounted price of $37 !!!

Buy Keyword Advantage

Seriously this is a no brainer at this price, I was amazed at the speed and ease of usage. This is one tool I totally recommend if you are serious about Affiliate Marketing. 

It comes from great and reputable owners, you have great customer support, you get lots of learning videos and guides complementary. Just try for once and I promise you will never ever keep it out of your SEO tools list. 

Also I would like to tell you some bonus offers which are One Time Offers only, get them at discounted rates now because these are seriously awesome deals which will last for short duration only.

Offer 1 - Flat One Time Fee Membership to Niche Profit Classroom 5.0

As I told you guys before, this membership will provide you access to cutting edge tools, trainings, live case studies which will allow you to build profitable websites and earn $1000+ passive income on autopilot. Adam Short is a reputed name in Internet Marketing industry and this website is his till date best offering for Internet Marketers who want to make it big. Some of his students earn 4,5, even 6 figure income.

Offer 2 - 10 Done for You Niche Sites

This is seriously awesome stuff, you get 10 complete businesses which are ready to be deployed from right away. These are all completely unexplored niches, which are discovered by Adam and his team. They have done all the hard work for you guys, all you got to do is take these sites, host them and start earning. As simple as that! Just imagine the earnings you will have when all of these are up and running.

Offer 3 - 100 Links Opportunities

Guys as you all know, right keywords are basic foundation blocks for your websites. In the same way backlinks are the key for getting those top rankings. If you know where to get these links from in the right way so that Google does not penalize you get this package. It is comprehensive source of over 100+backlinking opportunities that will allow you to rank in Top 10 Google Search Results.

Offer 4 - Over 50+ Hot Niche Markets

This offer complements the Keyword Advantage Tool, as you are able to get those hidden, low competition but highly profitable niches. Just pick one of these, start generating Golden Keywords using KA and start making money in a flash. Remember these are hidden and not exploited right now, so get your copies fast and start doing action on these.

Check out my bonuses over $1500+ by clicking here.

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